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Unifeed is a social productivity tool and a Google Chrome extension. It collects posts from social network websites into a single feed giving you a clean social networking experience.
Unifeed lets you set up feeds to monitor competition and brand mentions and stay on top of social engagement.
Unifeed saves your time and reduces noise associated with monitoring social networks sites and is perfect for bloggers, photographers, marketing specialists and business owners.
By installing Unifeed extension for Google Chrome you give it a permission to act and access data on social network websites on your behalf. Unifeed reuses website cookies to do so.
That is why Unifeed doesn’t know or need you social network account password to operate.
Unifeed may ask you to grant it access to social network APIs. Unifeed will then use an OAuth security protocol to fetch data from social network which does not involve password either.
Open social network or web service website in your browser, log out and log back in under a different Account. Unifeed will understand that the accounts has been changed and will make requests from under it's ID.
Not at the moment. We might consider developing a mobile version of the app in the future if we find that Unifeed for Chrome is popular enough to fund the development.
Not at the moment. There are significant technical difficulties with other browsers which we would have to overcome.
As such we decided to concentrate on new features and stability for Chrome. Right now we could only suggest creating a fresh Chrome User Profile and run Chrome exclusively for Unifeed.
PRO version includes a set of advanced feed types to monitor @brand mentions and competitor posts. It also enables real-time Feed updates and fetches more than 10 recent posts per feed.
PRO version is currently under heavy development. It will be released as a $5 / month subscription service. The price may differ country to country.
Yes. As we use Google Payments to process billing, the PRO license is purchased per Google Chrome Profile ID.
To transfer your PRO license to another PC, simply log into Google Chrome under the same account you've made a purchase with.
Any time by going to the Google Payments Website. No questions asked.
Unifeed is provided AS IS. We do not offer refunds under any circumstances, even if it shut down willingly or unwillingly. Please read our Terms of Service for more info.
We suggest checking that Unifeed FREE works for you before buying PRO license.
This typically happens because of the following:
1. You're not signed into Chrome. To sign in, find a 'Person' or 'Name' button in the top right corner of the Chrome window. Click on it and make sure to create an account and sign in.
2. You're not signed into Chrome WebStore. Go to Google Chrome WebStore and make sure to be signed in.
3. You're not in the country supported by Google Payments system. Go to the list of supported countries to see what countries are supported.
4. Your bank account and Google Payments do not like each other. Try to add a different payment method on the Google Payments Website or follow instructions listed here.
Unifeed needs to be able to make calls to social network and app services, so please make sure you can actually browse relevant websites and their post pages while your VPN is on.
You might have accidentally disabled Unifeed or it was disabled by other plugin due to a plugin conflict.
Open 'chrome://extensions' tab in Chrome, scroll down to Unifeed and make sure 'Enabled' checkbox is turned on.
Since Unifeed relies on social network websites, please make sure you can actually browse posts on those websites.
If you're sure something is wrong, please send us a mail and include the following:
1. An explanation / screenshot of the problem you experience.
2. A debug info file which can be generated from Unifeed Settings page.
We will be happy to assist and smash that nasty bug!
Sure, you can reach us via email: @